Bankruptcy Alternative - Debt Consolidation

Did you know that over 70% of all bankruptcies filed in 2010 could have been avoided through debt counselling? (Source: Forbes Magazine). In fact, there is now legislature in place which if passed, would mandate that anyone petitioning to file for bankruptcy must first participate in debt counselling.

Beware of Attorney's that solicit individuals to file for bankruptcy just so they can collect a fee. These attorneys rarely have anyone's best interest in mind (except there own of course)

Bankruptcy can be devastating to one's credit report making it very difficult to obtain meaningful credit or a credit card in the future. When someone files for bankruptcy everyone loses! The creditor, consumer and our economy.

Our debt consolidation specialists are trained to help people avoid bankruptcy at all costs. Your creditors would prefer you participate with a debt counselling company rather than you filing for bankruptcy. Just ask them!

Free Debt Consolidation Solutions

Your assigned debt counsellor will tailor a payment plan for you that allow you to satisfy your creditors, and meet your own living expenses. Our debt consolidation service is quickly becoming the fastest and most efficient way for Canadians to eliminate excessive consumer debt. If you are considering bankruptcy as an option fill out the form above to find out first hand why our programs may be a better alternative.

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